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A Rally at Donvale Pony Club








Donvale & Templestowe holds two rallies a month, one on the first Sunday of the month and one on the third Sunday.


There are two kinds of rallies- an informal and a formal.
Informal: You may wear whatever you like.

Informal rallies are organised by the Junior Committee Members and focus on having fun and learning and trying different things. Informal rallies include; Specialist Instruction (like mini clinics with special instructors), Equestrian Demonstrations (like raining, western, camp drafting, horse racing and Police), Equestrian games (like playing soccer with the BIG BALL and polocross) and fun activities (like navigation rides, trail rides and treasure hunts).

Formal: You should wear the dressage uniform or your polo top depending on the weather.

Formal rallies are organised by the DC and the Senior Committee and focus on the traditional Pony Club diciplines of Show Jumping, Cross Country, Dressage, Theory and Horsemanship.

You must always come to a rally with your medical armband and no jewellery please!

There are three sessions during the rally day.

10:00-10:15: Gear Check

10:15-11:15: Session one

11:15-11:30: Morning Tea

11:30-12:30: Session two

12:30-1:30: LUNCH

1:30-2:30: Session three

2:30-3:00: Pack up!

The canteen is open from 10:00am onwards to 2:30pm







A Rally

Painting Poles for Kinglake PC

Painting Poles for Kinglake PC

Painting Poles for Kinglake PC

Painting Poles for Kinglake PC

Painting Poles for Kinglake PC
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